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Apex Realty Group started out with a focus on land, new construction sales and development; today the fundamentals are still in place and flourishing. In High School I knew I wanted to get into the real estate business because I had three older friends that were real estate tycoons (we are still friends today) Scott Tubergen, Kurt Suidinski and Scott Chandler. They all drove GMC Jimmys when those were popular and hot (late 90’s). The vanity drew me in, and by that time in high school, I already knew I was psychologically unemployable. I knew more about everything than any boss I ever had… Then I actually obtained my real estate license, and I ate the whole pie. Humble Pie tastes like dog poop I think, if I were to assume what dog poop tastes like. My then is not my now. I’m not a different person, I’ve just had over 2 decades of mistakes under my belt to adjust my compass to realize what is truly important. I’m not weathered, I’m just seasoned, and I realize all of this is temporary. I never once looked back second guessing if I’m on the right path or not. When you love what you do on a daily basis, the rest of the details are just details.
I have a lot more to tell you, I’m just out of space (our graphic designer told me to keep it short and sweet). Okay that’s it. 
P.S. There’s more when we meet in person. 
P.P.S. My wife is a God fearing rockstar woman who wins the award for BEST WIFE for 20+ years.

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